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 Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span?

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Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span? Empty
PostSubject: Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span?   Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span? Icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2007 6:22 am

Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span?

Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span? Fatawa%20Section

From Fatawah Islamiyyah Vol. 1
and 2

Published by Darussalaam

Does Medical Care increase life span?

I have read in an article published in a magazine, the following statement:
"There is no doubt, as previously explained, that the better the medical care
becomes, the lower the death cases become, and the population increases."

Although medical care is an effective cause for physical health, and disease
resistance, but it does not interfere with the limited man's life span whose
term is restricted to Allah, Who says: "And when their term comes to an end,
neither can they delay it nor can they advance if for an hour (or a moment)."
[Soorah al-A'raf (7): 34] Hence, I would like to know whether medical care
does extend life span as the writer of the article claims. If what he claims
is not true as proved by the verse above, then please clarify.

Allah has already fore-ordained the cause-and-effect principle for His
creatures by making one thing the result of another, such as reproduction
being the result of intercourse, and the growth of crops the result of
planting seeds in the earth and watering them, burning the result of fire,
soaking or wetting by water and other such causes and effects. Allah, the Most
High, says: "We made from water every living thing." [Soorah al-Ambiya (21):
30] and He says: "And We have sent down from the rain clouds water in
abundance, that We may produce therewith corn and vegetation and gardens of
thick growth."
[Soorah an-Naba (78): 14-16] And He says: "And We send down
from the sky blessed water, then We produce therewith gardens and grain for
harvests and tall date palms, with ranged clusters, a provision for (Allah's)
slaves, and We give life therewith to a dead land. Thus will be the
resurrection of the dead."
[Soorah al-Qaf (50): 9-11] And He says: "And He
caused rain to descend on you from the heaven, to clean you thereby and to
remove from you the Rijz (whispering, evil suggestions, etc.) of Shaytan and
to strengthen your hearts, and make your feet firm thereby."
[Soorah al-Anfal
(Cool: 11]

These verses and their like mention physical causes along with physical and
immaterial effects which Allah has bound together, making the former a cause
of the latter. All of these are from Allah's creation, by virtue of His Decree
and Predestination. Here immaterial things result from them although Allah is
Able to create such results without causes. It is His Way, however, to create
such results - the former from the latter the wisdom of which is known only to
Him. He, the Most High, says: "(This is) a Book, the verses of which are
perfected (in every sphere of knowledge, etc.) and then explained in detail by
One Who is Most Wise and Well-acquainted (with all things) (saying:) "Worship
none other than Allah. Verily, I (Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) am from Him unto you and a
bringer of glad tidings."
And (commanding you): "Seek the forgiveness of your
Lord, and turn to Him in repentance, that He may grant you good enjoyment, for
a term appointment, and bestow His abounding Grace to every owner of grace
(i.e. the one who helps and serves the needy and deserving, physically and
with his wealth, and even with good words). But if you turn away, then I fear
for you the torment of a Great Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)."
[Soorah Hud (11): 1-3]

His Prophet Hud (alaihi as-salaam) preached to his people: "O
my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord. And then turn to Him (in
repentance): He will send you (from) the sky abundant rain, and add
strength to your strength: so do not turn away as Mujrimun (i.e.
criminals, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah)."
[Soorah Hud
(11): 52]

And He says, concerning His Prophet Nuh (alaihi as-salaam) and his preaching to his people: "O
my people! Verily, I am a plain warner to you that you should worship Allah
(Alone), fear Him and obey me. He will forgive you your sins and give you a
respite to an appointed term. Verily, the term of Allah, when it comes, cannot
be delayed, if you but knew."
[Soorah Nuh (71): 2-4]

And He, the Most High, says concerning His Messengers (alaihimus-salaam) and
their preaching to their peoples that they said: "Their Messengers said: 'Is
there a doubt about Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth? He calls
you (to Monotheism and to be obedient to Allah), that He may forgive you your
sins and give you respite for a term appointed."
[Soorah Ibrahim (14): 10]

Allah, the Most High, also mentions that a number of the hypocrites said about
their brothers who were killed in the battle of Uhud: "If they had stayed with
us, they would not have died or been killed."
[Soorah aali-Imran (3): 156] So
He, the Most High commanded His Messenger, Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi
wa-sallam) to say to them: "Even if you had remained in your homes, those for
whom death was decreed would certainly have gone forth to the place of their
[Soorah aali-Imran (3): 154]

So, He has made it clear that the taking of life is guaranteed and that the
death would occur by virtue of that decree, not before its time, nor without a

It is also authentically reported that the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi
wa-sallam) said: "Whoever would like that his means of sustenance be expanded
for him or that his age be extended, then he should maintain the womb (family
[Saheeh al-Bukharee]

Based upon this, (we may say that) "Medical care is an effective cause for
physical healing and disease resistance", as the questioner said, but by
Allah's Permission and within His Knowledge. He made that care a cause that
produced an effect and He organized its effects by virtue of His Command and
His Decree in accordance with His Knowledge.

So it is clear from this that the causes are a factor in the effect, since
Allah has made for them a cause, and since He, the Most High, has commanded us
to undertake the necessary measures in the hope that Allah will arrange the
desired effect, not for their own sake nor because of any independent
influence on the results, but because Allah has given them an influence. And
if Allah had wished to deprive them of their intrinsic qualities, He would do
so, such as when He deprived the fire of its attribute (of heat) and so it did
not burn His Friend, Ibraheem (alaihi as-salaam), instead it was cold and safe for him; and His
removing the flow and ability to drown from the sea, so that Musa (alaihi
as-salaam) and his
people were able to pass in security and safety. Yet he returned those
attributes to it when Pharoah and those with him passed, thereby drowning
them. So, the effects are subject to their causes, according to (Allah's)
Command and Ordainment. Even the time of death, whether it be later or sooner
is related to whether one is careful or careless, in accordance with Allah's
Knowledge. Therefore, the statement of the questioner, that health care has no
part in the matter of the time of one's death is not absolutely correct, for
it has a role in it as has already been explained.

May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi
wa-sallam) and upon his family and companions.

The Permanent Committee

There is no worthy of worship exept ALLAH and Mohammed is his messenger
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Fatwa - Does Medical Care increase life span?
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