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 Common Mistakes in Prayer

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Common Mistakes in Prayer Empty
PostSubject: Common Mistakes in Prayer   Common Mistakes in Prayer Icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2007 3:10 pm

Common Mistakes in Prayer

  • Language: English
  • Date Added: Aug 13,2007
  • Authors : Muhammad Syed Adly
  • Short Description: Contents :

    1-Common Mistakes in Salah.

    2- After the Adhaan.

    3- Dresscode, Sutrah, and Starting the Salaah.

    4- From after the Fatihah to the Sujood.

    5- Sujood to Tasleem.

    6- After the Tasleem.

    7- Qiyam ul-Layl & Eid.

    8- Congregational Prayer.

    9- Jumuah Prayer.

    10- Common Mistakes made by the Imaam in Prayer.

    11- Common Mistakes done in the Masjid.
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Common Mistakes in Prayer
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